Magic Ears Ultimate Guide and Review – Updated 2021

magic ears review

Welcome to our Magic Ears review. Here you will learn how to get the job, how much you will get paid, working hours and so much more. Magic ears is an online English tutoring company based in Beijing, China which is also their main market. They were founded in 2016 and are therefore a relatively young company. They focus on children between the ages 4 and 12. 

One thing to consider when working at magic ears, which is unique to other sites, is that it offers multiple class sizes up to 4 kids at one time. Taking this into consideration the pay here is obviously much better than teaching one kid, but the effort required to keep up with 4 kids at once is going to be significantly more.

In this article we will first go over Magic Ears remuneration, then, the teaching and technical requirements and the class structure. Afterwards we’ll look into the application process and an FAQ. By the end of this article you’ll know everything there is to know about teaching for Magic ears. 

Magic Ears pay

You can earn up to $26(USD) per hour – This is definitely on the top end of the pay scale!
Although you won’t just start on $26(USD) per hour this is earned through a high level of feedback. For many the starting pay is $18-$22(USD) per hour and depends on your relevant experience and background in teaching. They conduct quarterly performance reviews and can increase your pay if you qualify. They will also assess if you qualify for any bonuses. 

Your pay can increase in several ways from a teaching assessment to working a consistent amount of hours over a select period. Other bonuses come from basic things like just turning up early for the class on time or signing up to peak hours. Arriving early (3-8 mins) per class taught will earn you an extra $1 per class taught as a participation bonus. Magic ears will also reward you for signing up to peak hours. If you sign up to +60 peak time slots per month, you’ll earn another extra $1 per class. We will elaborate on the peak times in the next section. 

So how much can you earn per month? Just as an example let’s say your base rate is $10 per class (30 mins) and you do 100 classes per month. You also always arrive early for class and sign up for 60 peak time classes in that month, making you eligible for both bonuses. That means you’ll be earning $10+$1+$1=$12 per class, multiply that by 100 classes and you’ll earn $1200 per month or $24/hr. And it’s important to note that you are earning this from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want). We feel the compensation is great for the flexibility you get. 

Magic Ears class pay rate


Teaching requirements:

  • A Bachelors degree or above with a teaching background is preferred but not essential
  • Some form of teaching certification – TEFL/TESOL is preferred since its a Chinese based company.
  • Native Speakers from the USA or Canada Only (I know)
  • Teaching experience preferred but not essential. However, do not put 0 as years of experience on your application. 
  • There is no minimum, but Magic Ears has a high standard of lesson quality which you will be expected to provide consistently.
  • Magic Ears requires you to have a 120 hour ESL certificate and Magic Ears provide a course for only $20. 

Technical requirements:

  • Computer/Laptop and a headset
  • Quiet, Clean and child friendly background with good lighting
  • CPU Core I5 4th generation. Check your laptop specs by pasting this address (or similar) in your folder location bar: Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsSystem
  • Good internet speed 10Mbps, I tend to use speedtest

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree or are not a native speaker, don’t worry, we have some other English teaching jobs you can do, you can find a list on our home page.

magic ears review

Class information and teaching times

Magic Ears Class Times

The above image shows times in US Easter Daylight Time.

Classes can range from 1-4 students depending on your preferences and the ages are from around 4-12 years old.

Class duration is 30 minutes including 5-minute evaluation/feedback procedure
All the material is provided which ensures for no lesson planning! 

Minimal teaching hours: 1.5 hours (3 classes)

The class times (Beijing time) are the following:

  • Mon – Fri: 5 pm – 9 pm with peak times: 7 pm – 8.30 pm
  • Sat & Sun: 9 am – 9 pm with peak times: 9 am – 10.30 am & 7 pm – 8.30 pm

Peak Hours Bonus: Open at least 60 time slots during peak hours per month and you’ll earn an extra $1 per class taught. You can use the timezoneconverter to calculate your local time. You can choose your availability anytime between the class times. However, if you want to maximise the teaching hours you’ll get, I recommend at least opening during peak times. Getting classes also depends on your Teacher Rank score, this score is calculated based on student feedback and how many hours you teach. The higher your Teacher Rank the more classes you’ll get. Most teachers do get a full schedule. 

Magic Ears platform

The magic ears platform needs to be downloaded on your laptop/desktop. There is no mobile app version. You can go through the slides before the class. Some of the slides can be videos, songs, games or interactive images. You can draw on the images. Mute, disable the camera on yourself or specific students. Many teachers and teachers think the curriculum is quite fun. You can also give trophies to reward students. Watch the below video to get an idea of how the platform works. 

So how to apply?
Apply online

magic ears review

Submit application (5 mins)

Firstly follow our link to the application form which can be found HERE , or click the banner at the bottom of the page. Here you fill out all of your details and relevant experience, this part is very straight forward and if you fit the bill, you will be approved relatively quickly.

Mini Demo (10 mins)

If approved, you will be asked to do a short and simple interview. Here you will be asked to provide a sample lesson. This process can also be done by uploading a pre-recorded video. Which if you ask me is a lot less pressure.
Next Step!

Trail classes and training

As you’ve guessed by now this application process is no walk in the park, and if you want to work for a decent company you have to put some effort in. This is the effort part.

Magic Training ( 30 mins – paid)
These consist of 2 training sessions (both of which are paid). One is a group session that consists of 4 people. This will be you, 2 teachers and a trainer. This will cover class, teacher and company policies. The other training session is 1 on 1. The purpose is to teach you teaching teaching techniques, offer you feedback on a short teaching session and some insight into the class system.

Trial Class ( 25 mins – paid)

This is a class with real students and trainers. They will evaluate your performance. You’ll have time to prepare for the class and use any of your own materials. 

If you have passed (i know you will) then you will be asked to sign a contract in which you will begin as a “trial teacher”. The Trail period is like any other job, but lasts for 10 classes. As long as you perform to an expected stand you will be upgraded to a full-fledged Magic ears Teacher! Please note that you will be asked to do a background check in the meantime, this process is relatively straight forward and doesn’t take a long time to process.

If however your trial class wasn’t enough, they might give you more training and a second trial class. Second Trials classes are common, so don’t worry. 

If you do not pass the second trial or during any phase of the process, you have the chance to try again after 90 days. 

Fast track program

For teachers who meet the qualifications, Magic Ears has also developed a fast track program. With the fast track program you can start teaching within 48 hours of completing your interview.

Magic Ears FAQ

Does Magic Ears take care of my taxes?

No, you are not considered a magic ears employee, but as an independent contracter. You will be responsible for reporting your income and declaring your taxes in your tax country. US citizens could use this guide to start with.

How and when does MagicEars pay you?

Magic Ears pays its teachers on the 10th of the next month on your bank account or Paypal. They’ll pay give you April’s payslip on the 3rd of May and pay for April’s classes on the 10th of May. If you have only taught $50 worth of classes it will be passed onto the next month. $51-100 can be paid via Paypal. If you don’t want to use Paypal you’ll need to accumulate +$100. 

What if I need to cancel a class?

Magic Ears allows 4 free cancellations per month. Teachers can control their cancellations through the cancellations section on the Teacher Portal. Sick and Emergency cancellations (force majeure) do not get penalized. Cancellations <2 hrs before class will be penalized at $20. Cancellations between 24 hrs – 2 hrs before a class will be penalized $10.  If you cancel >24 hrs in advance, you wont be penalized. If you cancel an open slot, there is no penalty at all. 

What are standby classes and can I get them?

When a teacher cancels a class within 24 hrs another teacher can pick up these classes. The only requirement is that the teacher has completed at least 10 classes before. 

When do teachers need to provide feedback to students?

You have 18 hours from class start time to complete the feedback. 

What happens if no students show up for class?

You will still get the base pay for the class. Magic Ears also recommends pressing the help button and you can leave the class after 25 mins. 

How long does the application process take?

It takes up to 2 working days between each steps, therefore the whole process can take around 10 days. 

How long is the contract?

The contract is a minimum of 6 months (with no minimum teaching hours). The contract keeps getting renewed for 6 months. 

Magic Ears Review: pros and cons


  • Flexible working hours – work whenever you want
  • High pay
  • Enjoyable work
  • Flexible cancellations
  • Great platform


  • Only Beijing hours available
  • Hiring process can take some time

TheDigiteachers Conclusion

Magic Ears is a well-respected company that has a lot of benefits. If the applicant enjoys teaching groups then this platform could very well be lucrative to them. The platform itself is flexible and doesn’t enforce a strict policy when it comes to canceling classes. HOWEVER Magic ears does expect you to always be on time.

The company also provides opportunities for growth and advancement if the teacher performs well. Magic ears are good at creating incentives and driving the teachers forward and its one of the reasons it’s a well-respected platform. Not just anyone can join and start teaching, they have to earn their position. Like any teaching job expect for the energetic and fun-loving, I’ve seen some complaints that the company focus maybe too much on props and realia but I feel this is all down to the individual. 

Read our full list of teaching reviews on our home page or here.

magic ears review