Discovering the human body: Lesson materials

Discover the human body the easy way

Teaching the human body

Each year this topic resurfaces, the human body. Therefore I’ve developed this nice worksheet. This way you can get your students acquainted to the intestines of the human body by letting them cut out of the worksheet and pasting them in the right location of a boy or girl. This way they can learn what organs such as lungs, heart or liver look like and where in the body they belong. 

A boy or girl

For this assignment you can choose between the body of a boy or girl. For boys or girls around a specific age gender is important, therefore I have added both. Of course internally most of our organs are the same, and for this exercise it doesn’t really matter. You can print both depending on how many boys or girls you have in your class. 

A small assignment that could turn into more

You can use the worksheet as a small assignment, but there is the potential to turn this into more. 

You can ask the students what the function of each organ is. Google or encyclopedias can assist in providing the answer, but you could also turn it into a matching game.

You could teach them other body parts and ask them to name them. For example: forearms, pupils and torso. If you are teaching younger children, this could be easier. 


File: “The Human Body.pdf”